Stories Behind My Photos

In this serie of blog posts I will write about the photos from my portfolio. About the choices that I had to make, why I even made that photo, but also why I edited the photo in a certain way. By writing about this I hope to learn more about my own photos, so I can improve myself even further. And I hope that you can learn something too!

Colorful photo of wheat in golden sunlight besides the water. In the background the meadow is slightly visible in the gradient of the background. Taken in the Netherlands.
Wheat in Golden Sunlight – 2013

Wheat in Golden Sunlight – 2013

I made this photo during my vacation in august 2013 in Friesland, a water rich province with an open landscape in the Netherlands. It was the first photo that I was really happy with, the first photo that I considered portfolio worthy. It’s also the photo that started my love for photography. I was already into photography before I made this photo, but these photos were just snapshots. I didn’t really thought about composition or aperture etc. when I took them. But this photo was different. This photo was carefully crafted. I “made” this photo, instead of just ‘taking’ it.

For this photo I deliberately chose this composition. I came to the conclusion that the photo would look better when the wheat wasn’t in the middle of the frame. Though in hindsight I would probably change the position of the wheat slightly more to the right. But keep in mind that I didn’t even know about the rule of thirds when I made this photo. At the time that I made this photo I only knew a few basic things like what the effects were of different aperture values. So I chose to use  F/5.0 here because this way the wheat head would be sharp and the background would have a nice blur without being unrecognizable.

The wheat grew next to the water, besides the bridge. I chose to stand on the bridge when I made this photograph. From this position the meadows would extend throughout the background of the photo. The golden glow on the landscape and the wheat is thanks to the sunset. Changing the white balance tint to more purple gives this photo a dreamlike appearance. I also increased the vibrancy of the photo to exaggerate the colors even more.

This photo is part of the Nature Scenery album