Stories Behind My Photos

In this serie of blog posts I will write about the photos from my portfolio. About the choices that I had to make, why I even made that photo, but also why I edited the photo in a certain way. By writing about this I hope to learn more about my own photos, so I can improve myself even further. And I hope that you can learn something too!

Two trees are growing on the balcony of an abandend office building. The sky behind the building is bright blue. Taken in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.
Growing Trees – 2017

Growing Trees – 2017

This building has been vacant for several years.  When I walked past it on a sunny day I looked at all the ivy that was growing on the side of the building. So I looked up to search for more plants when I came across these 2 trees. I love it when nature shows up in these kind of urban environments. It really shows how persistent nature is. Which is exactly what I tried to capture in this photo. I chose Growing Trees as the title because it describes the photo perfectly without revealing too much.

For this photo I focused on the 2 trees instead of the whole building. The building is very tall so if I photographed it entirely the trees wouldn’t stand out. You wouldn’t even notice them anymore. But to still give it the appearance of a tall building I didn’t correct the skewed perspective from photographing it below.

I made this photo from the other side of the street with a vintage lens, the Minolta MD ZOOM 35-70mm 1:3.5 MACRO at 70mm focal length, attached to my Sony a6000. I really like to shoot with vintage lenses, they have a certain imperfection and color which I like.

For this photo I increased the microcontrast, this gives the concrete a nice texture and also makes the leaves of the trees stand out more. I made the highlights slightly brighter and the shadows a bit darker. This give the photo nice contrast.

This photo is part of the Urban Scenery album